How do I remove duplicated Canvas Page title?

Learn how to remove duplicated Canvas course page titles via themes with Loree's bonus custom code.

To conceal page titles in Canvas LMS using custom CSS and upload/update themes in your instance, follow these steps:

Uploading/Updating Themes:

  1. Access the Admin panel in your Canvas LMS instance.

  2. Click on Admin
  3. Navigate to "Desired Account."

  4. Locate and click on "Themes."

  5. Within the Themes section, select "Open in Theme Editor."

  6. To upload or update your theme, click on "Upload" if you're adding a new theme or select your existing theme to make updates.

  7. Important: When making updates, ensure not to overwrite any existing code.

Custom CSS to Hide Page Titles:

/* To hide page  title from course */
.show-content .page-title{
    display: none !important

This CSS code will target and hide page titles exclusively.

Remember to save your changes, and the page titles on your Canvas LMS should now be hidden.

Before Additional Code


After Additional Code