How to Install Loree within your Canvas LMS?

This document provides instructions for configuring Loree in your Canvas LMS platform. To configure Loree, ensure that you are logged in to your Canvas account as an Account Admin.

Step 1: Log in to Canvas as an Account Admin on the root account

Step 2: Open the Admin menu from Account Navigation and select Developer Keys

Step 3: Click the + Developer key button (located in the far right upper corner) and choose + LTI Key in the drop down. 

Step 4: Once you click on the "+ Developer key" button, you will be directed to the Key Settings page where you can configure your key.

  • You will notice that initially, it will have a manual entry in the drop-down. 
  • Change the Method to "Paste JSON"

Step 5: On the left-hand side of the page, enter the following information:

  1. Key Name: Loree

  2. Owner Email:

  3. Redirect URIs: 

  4. Configure Method: Paste JSON

Step 6: Paste the JSON values in the area under LTI 1.3 Configuration

"title": "Loree",
"scopes": [],
"extensions": [
"platform": "",
"settings": {
"platform": "",
"placements": [
"default": "disabled",
"placement": "course_navigation",
"visibility": "admins",
"message_type": "LtiResourceLinkRequest"
"privacy_level": "public"
"public_jwk": {},
"description": "Production environment ",
"custom_fields": {
"roles": "$Canvas.membership.roles",
"user_id": "$",
"course_id": "$",
"is_root_account_admin": "$Canvas.user.isRootAccountAdmin"
"public_jwk_url": "",
"target_link_uri": "",
"oidc_initiation_url": ""

Step 7: Click the Save page, located at bottom right of the page. 

Step 8: 

  • You will be brought back to Developer Keys, where you will be presented with all the developer keys within your Canvas Environment. 
  • Find Loree and toggle the "State" to "On"

Please note that when Developer Keys are added, all states are toggled off by default.

Step 9:

  • When you have toggled on the "State" a pop-up will appear. "Are you sure you want to change the state of this developer key? 
  • Click "OK"

Make sure to toggle the "State" of the Loree LTI to "On" in order to enable it.

API Key Generation

Step 1: Click the + Developer key button (located in the far right upper corner) and choose + API Key in the drop down. 

Step 2: You will be navigated to the Key Settings to configure the page. 

Step 3: Update all fields in the left-hand side of the page as per the below.

  1. Key Name: Loree-api

  2. Owner Email:

  3. Redirect URIs:

  4. Redirect URI (Legacy):

  5. Clients Credentials Audience: Canvas
  6. Click on “Save“ to create a new API key. Click the Save page, located in the bottom right of the page. 

You don't have to fill out the other fields as they are not required for installation purposes.

It is important to note that there is no need for users to toggle on the "enforce scopes" toggle during the installation process.

Step 4: 

  • Once you have saved the Key Settings, you will be redirected to the Developer Keys page where you can view all the developer keys in your Canvas Environment. 
  • Find Loree-api and toggle the "State" to "On".

Step 5: A confirmation pop-up will appear. Simply click "OK" to proceed and complete the action.

Install the Loree LTI app in Canvas

Step 1: After the successful creation of LTI and API developer keys. You will need to copy the LTI Key, under the details column for this process. 

Please note that this step only applies to the LTI Key that was created, and not the second API Key. 

Step 2: Navigate to Admin Menu > Settings > Apps.

Step 3: Select "View App Configurations". Located top right-hand side of the screen. 

Step 4: 

  • Once on the External Apps page, you can easily configure and manage your app settings for Loree. This is where you will need to create an "App" specifically for Loree, which will allow you to seamlessly integrate it into your Canvas environment.
  • Click on the "+App" button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Step 5: 

  • Add App
    • Configuration Type: By Client ID

The Configuration Type is set to manual entry by default.

    • Client ID: Past the client ID here. 

The Client ID is a unique identifier for the Loree app and is made up of 18 digits that consist solely of numbers. 

  • Click on "Submit" to continue. 

Step 6: A pop-up will appear and you will need to click "Install"

Group 2

Adding Canvas as a Tool in Loree

Step 1: 

  • Navigate to Admin > Developer Keys

Step 2: Copy and provide the following details.


API Secret key

Note: You may share the details securely through email or any other secure mode of communication.

Please be aware that this configuration process may take several minutes to complete.

Please note that Loree cannot be launched until the keys are provided to Soaring Ed-Innovation for backend setup. Attempting to launch Loree at this stage will result in an "Unregistered Platform" message in your browser.

Launch the Loree LTI tool from the course navigation

Step 1: Navigate to a course via the Courses button on the left-hand side menu or via Dashboard. 

Step 2: Select a course. 

Step 3: Go to the "Settings" of the course.

Step 4: Proceed to the navigation tab. 

Step 5: Drag "Loree" from the bottom of the course to the upper area. 

To move Loree to the upper section and enable it in your course, simply click on the mini menu with three dots and choose "move". This will make Loree easily accessible to you and your students.

Please note that Loree is not enabled by default for all courses and needs to be manually enabled for each course shell via the Settings menu.

Step 6: Click on "Save" located at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 7: Loree will be shown in the left-hand menu. 

CSS and JS for Canvas Themes

To ensure that Canvas supports responsive content, it is necessary to incorporate Loree CSS and JS into both Desktop and Mobile themes via Canvas.

Following are the links to Custom CSS and Custom JS: 

Custom CSS:

Custom JS: