How to map Roles and Features in Loree?

Unlocking the Mysteries of Role Mapping in Loree: A Comprehensive Guide

After installing Loree, our team will establish two Loree roles: Teacher and Designer. These roles will have all permissions enabled, allowing users to access all features. 

The Admin dashboard, where you can find Roles and Features, is conveniently located in the top right-hand corner of Loree. This dashboard is only visible to those who have been granted Loree Admin access.

In the Roles and Features section, you will find two tabs: Loree Roles and Canvas Roles.

To create a new Loree role, simply click on the "Create New Role" button located on the right side of the Loree roles section. This button will enable you to easily create a new Loree role that suits your needs.

Additionally, we encourage the Loree Admin to have the flexibility to create additional Loree roles or customize the enabled and disabled features according to their needs and preferences.

Loree Roles are roles that you as a Loree admin can create, whereas Canvas Roles are roles being fetch from Canvas Admin. 

To view Canvas roles in your Canvas environment, go to Admin and click on your Instance Name, then select Permissions.

There are two tabs available: Course Roles and Account Roles.

Course Roles refer to the roles assigned within the Loree platform that correspond to the Canvas Roles. These roles determine the level of access and permissions that users have in Loree.

Account Roles are Admin Roles in your Canvas environment.

After creating the Loree Roles in the Roles and Features section of Loree, it is important to map them to the corresponding Canvas Roles located next to the Loree Roles tab. This allows for seamless integration and ensures that users have the appropriate access and permissions in Loree.

Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 3.59.58 pm

It is not necessary to map the Student Role to anything because students should not have access to Loree.

All Canvas Roles will be listed under the Canvas Roles tab. To map these roles to your created Loree roles, simply use the drop-down menu located on the right side of each Canvas Role. 

Mapping the Loree roles to the Canvas roles is a crucial step as it determines the specific level of access that each Canvas user will have. By assigning the appropriate Loree roles, you can ensure that users have the necessary permissions to access and utilize the features they need in Loree.

If a user is unable to see buttons or features in Loree, it is highly probable that their Canvas Role has not been linked to a corresponding Loree role in the Loree Admin Portal under Roles and Features.