How to use modules in Loree?

Simplified Editing and Module Management with Loree in Canvas

Create Modules

To create new modules for your Canvas courses in Loree, you don't need to go back to Canvas itself. Simply open Loree from the left hand navigation in the Canvas Course shell and look for the "+ Module" icon at the top right screen. Clicking on this icon will open a new modal window where you can enter the necessary information, such as module name, date, and other details, to create your modules.

Add Module

When you are creating new modules in Loree, it is crucial to provide a valid module name. It is essential not to leave any of the fields blank. Once you have successfully created the modules, they will automatically be added to the bottom of the list for easy access and organization.



Edit Modules

Users have the ability to edit their existing modules in Loree. To do this, simply click on the "Edit" option within the Modules section. This will open a toggle menu where you can make changes to the module. You have the option to rename the module or delete it if needed.

Edit Modules


Delete Modules

To delete Canvas modules in Loree, you can use the Loree Modules list. When you select "Delete" from the menu, a confirmation message will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to delete this module?". Clicking on "Delete" will permanently remove the module from your course. If you click on "Cancel", the deletion process will be discarded and the module will remain intact.



Published / Unpublished Modules

Users can use the Published/Unpublished icons in Loree to easily publish or un-publish Canvas Modules. When a module is published, it will be indicated as "Published" with a green circle and a tick icon.

Published Icon


Add Module Items

In Loree, you can now easily include Canvas shell pages as items in your modules. Within the Loree Modules List, you'll see a "+" icon next to the Modules toggle menu. Simply click on the "+" icon to open a modal window where you can view a list of all the Canvas Shell pages available in your course. This convenient feature allows you to add these pages directly to your modules for easy access and organization.

Create a new page from Add Module items: 

This feature in Loree enables users to easily create a new page within their Canvas course by using the "Add items" function in the Modules view.

When accessing the modal window, you will see the option to "[Create new blank page]" in the list. To create a new page, simply select this option to enable it. Once enabled, a new input field called "Page Name" will appear in the same window.

You can give the new page any name of your choice, up to a maximum of 255 characters. After naming the page, click on "Add item" to create and add the newly created page to the respective module.

In addition, Loree allows users to add existing pages as multiple selections from the list. However, if the user selects existing pages along with the "Create new page" option, they will not be able to create a new page.