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Release notes for Loree - Canvas A2201.7


Issues Fixed in Loree Editor

Selection issue on Firefox

When there is an child <span> element present in paragraph/header/list/other text element and the user try selecting text combination of <span> text - it doesn’t allow the users to select and it’s not highlighting the text. This issue has been fixed now and based on the user selection, the text will be selected in Loree editor in Firefox browser.
Screenshot from 2022-03-15 07-55-01

Color picker is not fetching hex and preset colors

When the user selecting a text and opening all three color pickers say Text, Background and Border color picker. Other than the first selected picker, others doesn’t show the custom colors and also the hex value is empty.

This issue has been fixed and all the color pickers will fetch the color preset from the admin dashboard and also the default hex value.
Screenshot from 2022-03-15 07-58-51Screenshot from 2022-03-15 07-58-38

Screenshot from 2022-03-15 07-58-27

Thank you!!!